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A Resilient Family Program

As we thought about how we could best support individuals and families one word kept coming to mind as we reflected on our own personal journey as a family – and that of others – “Resilient”.

At Desiree Wells Coaching, you’ll find an environment that supports each member of your family – from toddlers to grandparents – in their emotional fitness journey to becoming more resilient to thrive in life as an individual, and as a family.

As an active duty military family who has moved 17 + times we get the struggles that come with constant transitions from packing up and moving; to starting a business from scratch with each move; to children leaving friends behind as they change schools and try to find new friends and figure out where they fit in; to locating a new home, and adjusting to each new cultural experience.

We also know what’s it’s like to deal with constantly being separated as a family with every deployment and assignment that leaves you feeling alone and uncertain about the outcome.

Through it all we understand even though some of life’s experiences are out of our control, what we always have control over is the way we respond or react to them. This is the power behind the emotional fitness tools that we teach in our programs and the 6 Foundational Keys that are the backbone to all aspects of who you are and how you show up in life.

It is through….

  • ONE your Perspective
  • TWO having Awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • THREE connecting with your Values
  • FOUR learning to Communicate effectively
  • FIVE developing and Strengthening Relationships
  • and SIX recognizing how you are Contributing to each and every experience you have

….that our program helps your family thrive.

Now this doesn’t mean that you’ll be happy all the time and never feel overwhelmed, discouraged, disappointed or even have arguments. What it does mean is that you’ll have the tools to know how to work through those situations with more resilience and self-awareness which can significantly reduce the amount of stress, anxiety and upset that you experience individually and as a family.

We are passionate about the family dynamic, and our programs reflect that. So if you’re ready for a family program unlike any other, then we’re here to help!

The Key to a more resilient family is a click away…..

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