The key to creating a resilient home is within your grasp.

Believe, us, we get it. We know what it’s like to raise a family in an imperfect world where each day is a test and trial of the sacred bonds of marriage, where values and standards are challenged that can at times, plague your family in unexpected ways.

And we know what it’s like to feel anxiety, stress and overwhelm as you worry about your children going out into the world, hoping they will make good choices and remember what they’ve been taught.

We also know what it’s like to struggle to keep your marriage afloat, wondering at times if you should stay or leave, and questioning if you will ever find relief from the uncertainty you feel.

And we know what it’s like to question how God expects you to handle what you’ve been given, or to wonder at times if He’s even there. We also know that Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and experience joy in the journey. And even though it may not feel like it, He’s always there through the struggles as part of a perfectly designed plan that we don’t always understand.

Life can be an experience where you not only survive, but thrive.

For many years we felt like we were at the effect of others and life. That for us to feel better or have a different experience, something outside of us had to change. That only if my spouse or children would show up differently, then I would be happier. Or if the undesirable situation with work or in the home would somehow magically go away, then we would feel at ease.

What we learned individually through the incredible tools of coaching – which are the same tools we use in our program – was even if situations or others didn’t change, we could still experience joy. This is something our Heavenly Father wants us to discover. And it’s something many people struggle with.

A journey for the whole family.

With the amazing programs we offer, you’ll learn how to understand and manage emotions that leave you feeling powerless at times. You’ll gain control over things that the adversary uses to sabotage your happiness and harmony in your home. And you’ll be able to share what you learn on your journey with your children and loved ones to create an enriching experience as you become more resilient as a family.

When we found coaching we finally felt hope.

Like many couples, we had experienced the world of therapy before we found life coaching, because like many of you we thought if you wanted help with your life, marriage or family, that’s where you went. And there are many good things about therapy and it has it’s place.

However, when we discovered life coaching, it felt like we were being UPLIFTED, SUPPORTED, INSPIRED and EQUIPPED beyond anything we had experienced. It felt like we finally found the missing piece that allowed us to let go of frustration, judgment, blame and self-doubt. And replace it with peace, happiness and acceptance. This helped us feel Heavenly Father’s love for us in a far more impactful way, and show up in life being more Christlike to each other and towards ourselves.

We were also surprised at the energy we felt as we found peace and harmony beginning to take place in our home with a new found resilience that hadn’t been there before. And it’s there waiting for you too!

Braving the unknown can be frightening.

We know how frightening it can be walking into the unknown to ask for help and to admit that you don’t have all the answers to help you and your family. We know the fear of being judged for your imperfections and mistakes. And we know those are lies the adversary wants you to believe to keep you from having the joyful and resilient home Heavenly Father intended for you to experience.

As your coach, we want you to know that you are walking into a place of safety, support and encouragement, free from judgment. We understand that you weren’t meant to be perfect in this life. That you are only meant to try and to learn and grow. And that’s what life coaching helps you do. It’s not weakness to ask for help. It takes strength to admit that change is what’s needed and to be brave enough to be that change for yourself and your family. Reaching out is the most caring, loving, and powerful thing you can do for yourself (and your family), and you’re worth it!

You get to write your own story.

We love working with those who despite experiencing anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, and fear, are determined, passionate and have a strong desire to change, and we feel honored to be a part of their journey.

If you’re ready to look inside and rewrite your personal story, and rediscover the amazing son or daughter of God you’ve always been and to create the joyous life Heavenly Father has always intended you to have, we welcome you.

Take control of who you want to be and how you want to feel.

As your coach, we will help you identify patterns and areas within yourself and within your family that might be keeping you stuck. And we’ll equip you with life skills and tools to help you create a more resilient and harmonious home where you not only survive, but thrive as a family. We’ll show up to each session with unconditional love and listen without judgment. Then together we’ll work through it all.

Are you ready to give yourself and your family the very best gift?

Frequently Asked Questions

Because COR.E Energy Coaching goes beneath the surface of the issue to discover what's really behind your thoughts and emotions, it can save marriages, enrich relationships within the home and in the workplace, and helps you reach goals that you may have not thought possible. From personal experience, each of our coaches knows the benefit and power of COR.E Energy Coaching. Each of them have experienced life changing results in overcoming personal challenges through gaining an awareness of things that have been sabotaging their happiness and joy that they have always had 100% control over – but not completely realized. COR.E Energy Coaching can do the same for you.
Yes. Both Sidney and Desiree work extensively with teens and young adults. We also have a monthly call in our Equipped for Life program that is specifically for teens.
Yes. Our programs are phenomenal for every family dynamic.
No. We work with families and individuals ranging from no particular faith, to various faiths, and respect each person’s personal beliefs. Our jobs as coaches is to support you in what feels true to you and not to push any particular ideas or beliefs onto you.
No. If a coach gives advice or tells you what they would do in your situation, or what they think you should do....they are not coaching - they are mentoring or consulting. A coach helps create awareness of things within you that may be sabotaging you or keeping you stuck in some way, then works with you on applying mental fitness tools that will best support you in reaching your personal goals.
Because we know parents, teens, and families are busy, we do 30 – 60 minute calls where after the first 30 minutes you have what you need to move forward in the coming week and can leave the call. For those who want to stick around to get additional help, we answer questions and do one-on-one coaching for the remaining 30 minutes.
You do not have to attend coaching calls to still get the benefit of the program. Recordings of each call will be posted in your member content for you to view at any time.
Yes. Your Equipped for Life membership includes the ability to add up to 5 family members email addresses. This may include your extended family.
To get coached privately you need to be a member of our Equipped for Life program. When you sign up for a private coaching session the automated system will recognize your membership and allow you to reserve the day/time you would like to schedule your session. There is an additional cost for private coaching.
Yes. You can change your membership type any time you want through your subscription account.