Whether you own a horse and would like to improve on your own personal skills and level of performance, or if you would like to learn about horses in a fun and creative atmosphere while strengthening your mental and emotional fitness, we are here to assist you.

To work with us in our Equestrian Coaching we offer several different options including:

ONE: Life Lessons through Horses program

TWO: Performance Coaching

THREE: Riding Lessons

Hanging out with Texas


Did you know that horses can be wonderful teachers who offer you the opportunity to learn more about who you are, how you show up in life, and decide if that’s who you want to be. They give honest feedback without judging you as good or bad, and they forgive mistakes as you learn along the way. It’s through our 6-week Life Lessons through Horses program that we have combined a lifetime of working with horses and riders, with our passion for the family dynamic to create a program that can help you and your family:

  • learn how to let go of stress and anxiety
  • gain an awareness of what you really have control over
  • connect with your values
  • learn effective and clear communication skills
  • build strong relationships and partnerships
  • discover the power you have in contributing to your life experiences
  • gain self-confidence
  • learn how to be assertive and uphold boundaries without being mean or rude
  • develop decision making and problem solving skills
Dash with Students


Each week of our Life Lessons through Horses program includes creative and fun physical and mental exercises – both with and without the horse – that are designed to help you gain insight about your mental, emotional and physical strengths and weaknesses.

During each lesson we explore how your way of interacting with the horse might be showing up in other areas of your life, and what the impact of that might be. We then use this insight to set goals for changes you would like to work towards to help you be more consistent in all areas of your life.

Each lesson is designed to be an experience where you and your family feel supported and encouraged while enjoying your time with your equine partner.

Helping out at a Horse Rescue


You might think in order to be involved with horses, you have to ride one. What’s missing from this concept are the key foundations that come with learning how to interact with the horse and how to establish a respectful and trusting partnership from the ground up.

This is where our Life Lessons through Horses program is designed to help you learn how to safely interact with the horse from the ground in preparation to help you have a better quality experience when you do ride. This includes all aspects of horse care, barn management, your own physical and mental fitness, as well as equine interaction through obstacles courses and various exercises.

If you are looking for a way to bring your family together, learn about life skills and mental/emotional fitness while enjoying an equine experience, this is the program for you.

Trail riding with Lightning


As part of our Life Lessons through Horses program you gain free access to our Equipped for Life virtual family resiliency program. We encourage you to explore this program and familiarize yourself with the emotional fitness tools throughout the duration of the course.

Once you and your family have completed our 6-week Level I program you have the option to:

  • sign up for the next Level of our 6-week Life Lessons through Horses program which takes you on a deeper dive into your equestrian skills and mental/emotional fitness
  • sign up for private lessons where riding may take place depending on the availability of the horse

* Parent or Guardian participation is required with children under 18.

Chaise taking a stroll with Texas


Performance isn’t just about winning or losing – it’s about so much more.

As a child of God each of us are blessed with talents and abilities, and even a desire to develop talents that may not come naturally. And as you act upon those talents by engaging in competitions you may find it to be both exhilarating and exciting – as well as stressful, causing anxiety and even fear as you focus on doing well. This may keep you from performing at your best and even result in losing interest in something that you were once so excited and passionate about.

When I work with you on your performance we keep that passion alive through creative means that focus on the talent you have been given while enjoying the journey of being a competitor. And we work on strengthening what you always have full control over no matter the outcome of the competition so you succeed every time. Through this process:

  • you learn how to set goals for a desired outcome that’s based on what you can control
  • you learn how to be calm and clear-headed when the pressure is on
  • you learn the key to maximizing your performance

Every successful coaching relationship starts with finding a good fit for you. To decide if I am for you, I would love to share what you can expect in a Performance Coaching session with me.

  • First we start with an assessment of where you and your horse are at mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Next we talk about what your goals are and how your weekly practice is supporting them.
  • Then we get to work. This includes:
    • various exercises with a bio-mechanical approach taught by Mary Wanless through Riding with Your mind techniques
    • ground work based on techniques taught by Manolo Mendez
    • various other schooling gymnastics
  • We also work on:
    • mental and emotional fitness exercises
    • performance visualizations
    • mindset awareness
  • Lastly, we finish by setting achievable weekly goals that support what you just learned.

During each session you can expect to experience an environment that supports you and your equine partner’s personal journey while encouraging you to reach beyond what you thought possible as you take bite-sized steps towards your goals.

Heavenly Father has given you the talent and passion you have for horses for a reason. It’s not meant to stay hidden and kept to yourself. You have a purpose and you are meant to share that purpose and light with the world around you. As a Performance Coach who is passionate about helping horses and riders achieve their goals, I would be honored to be a part of your journey as I bring with me over 35 years experience as a professional competitor, instructor and trainer – as well as my training as a Master Certified COR.E Dynamics Performance Coach to offer you the best quality experience possible.

Desiree on her FEI dressage partner Delilah
Desiree on her Preliminary eventing partner Born to Dance
Desiree schooling at home with Mojave


If you are wanting to learn about the entire equine experience including barn management/equine & tack care, safe handing, ground work, and participate in riding, we offer riding lessons.

With this option participants engage in daily barn management activities while learning through games and creative exercises that teach about safety both on and off the horse; physical balance and body control; and overall horse care; all while developing a complete horseman.

With this approach we focus on ground handling as the foundation for developing a rider and it’s not uncommon for a lesson to be entirely focused on groundwork without riding taking place.

Because we are a mental/emotional fitness coaching program, if we feel a rider could benefit from a mental fitness tool, we will offer it during the lesson.

* For young children and families wanting to learn together we offer a Parent/Child learning experience.

Wells Family at their
Colorado Farm