~We offer several options to work with us~

Equipped for Life

Equipped for Life is our virtual coaching program where you and up to 5 family members, get an incredible value as you gain access to:

  • A workshop each month. ($197 value)
  • Weekly group coaching calls. ($249 value)
  • Video replay of all coaching calls. ($99 value)
  • Yearly private check-in with one of our coaches. ($49 value)
  • Instructional videos on coaching tools. ($575 value)
  • Access to private coaching. (for an additional cost)
  • Opportunity to participate in exclusive 6-week impact programs only available through our Equipped for Life program. (for an additional cost)
  • Access to bonus content that includes books by Desiree and a video library of additional workshops and classes. ($1,475 value)
  • Free copy of our Equipped for Life journal workbook. ($145 value)
  • and much more…

With this option you’ll find an amazing community that supports one another as you work with our certified coaches and learn from observing others get coached, hear about each others experiences, and be coached.

This is a program that supports you in every aspect of life from being a teen, transitioning into adulthood, working on your marriage and relationships, and braving the world of parenting.

Private Coaching

To participate in private coaching you need to be acquainted with the exclusive mental fitness tools we use in our Equipped for Life program. For this reason, if you are looking to get some additional personal help, private coaching is available for members of our Equipped for Life program at an additional cost. In private coaching you get to:

  • Work with the coach of your choice.
  • Attend your session during a time that is convenient for you.

Life Lessons through Horses

If you’re looking for a fun filled, in-person experience, we have our 6-week Life Lessons through Horses program. In this program you will get to participate in activities both with and without the horse that focus on fundamentals from life such as:

  • Confidence
  • Partnership
  • Responsible Behavior and Habits
  • Compassion
  • Safety
  • Assertiveness and Boundaries
  • Leadership
  • Attentiveness to Details

As a participant in this program you have the opportunity to:

  • Attend (6) weekly 90-minute sessions. ($1,249 value)
  • Receive an exclusive Life Lessons through Horses journal workbook. ($145 value)
  • Enjoy a (2) month membership to our Equipped for Life program. (over $2,789 value)

Horse riding will not take place in this program. This is a horse interaction program and is a great option for your family to learn more about one another and to grow together.

Performance Coaching

For those who want take their performance in the competition ring to a whole new level, our Performance Coaching is a great option. When you work with our Performance Coach you:

  • Get to be coached either in person or virtually with your horse; or virtually off your horse.
  • Learn how to manage show nerves so you are clear-headed and focused for your performance.
  • Learn how to deal with disappointment in a positive way.
  • And learn how to set goals that will help you succeed in your performance regardless of the outcome.

If you’re looking to up your game and to gain new tools to help improve your overall performance, then this is the option for you.

Riding Lessons

Riding lessons are a great choice if you want to learn about the entire equine experience including barn management/equine & tack care, safe handing, ground work, and participate in riding.

With this option participants engage in daily barn management activities while learning through games and creative exercises that teach about safety both on and off the horse; physical balance and body control; and overall horse care; all while developing a complete horseman.

With this approach we focus on ground handling as the foundation for developing a rider and it’s not uncommon for a lesson to be entirely focused on groundwork without riding taking place.

Because our riding coach is also a COR.E Energy Coach, if she feels a rider could benefit from a mental fitness tool to help them move forward more quickly, it will be offered during the lesson.

* This option is available for ages 6 and up.

* For young children and families wanting to learn together we also offer a Parent/Child learning experience.

* For intermediate – advanced riders we suggest signing up for our Performance Coaching option which includes a more intensive focused riding experience.

Live Events & Workshops

Periodically we offer Live Events and Workshops to both our in-person and virtual communities. If you’re interested in attending, you can sign up for email updates or follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn to see our latest announcements.

* Recordings of our Live Events are available in the Bonus Content of our Equipped for Life program.